Frequently Asked Questions

What is GettaKayak?

GettaKayak is buying and selling trading platform – where the buyer place their requirements and the sellers respond.

Why does GettaKayak work for the Buyer?

  • The buyer determines exactly what they want and when the time frame they require the sellers respond to.
  • The responses are discreet – a sealed bid process which encourages the seller to provide the most competitive terms
  • You place a single listing is placed which gives access to the sellers without having to surf the net for the item – significant saving in time.
  • The messaging system allows you to do maximum due diligence/negotiation prior to selecting the goods.

Why does GettaKayak work for the Seller?

  • The seller knows exactly where and what the customer wants – the target market is identified
  • There is a saving in marketing costs
  • Allows a flexibility in pricing as the bidding is discreet
  • The selling commission is competitive

Is GettaKayak Secure?

Security is of paramount of importance to GettaKayak. Security is provided in several forms:

  • You only release your identity to those you wish to
  • No payment/financial details are passed through on the GettaKayak website – we have a link from our site to PayPal. You should not release any financial details to us or anyone claiming to be us.

Do I need to have a separate user name and password to be a Buyer (Requester) or Seller (Responder) on GettaKayak?

The same user name will work for both your buying and selling activities – though the processes involved are entirely separate.

What features make Getta a unique customer experience?

The central feature of GettaKayak is the private buying and selling format but within this there are some other features:

As a Requester – The Buyer

  • Ability to write text on your listing
  • Upload photos of the item required
  • Indicate collection and delivery terms
  • Set a delivery date
  • Respond to any Seller messages
  • Summary table of all offers
  • Receive emails and SMS messaging
  • Accept Seller terms

As a Responder – The Seller

  • Send an enquiry message pre offer
  • Respond with text
  • Respond with photo
  • Respond with terms
  • Respond to buyer message
  • Time line the offer/terms
  • Receive emails and SMS messaging
  • Bind the offer between buyer and seller

How Does GettaKayak work?

GettaKayak has been designed to be user friendly but we have a basic guide under under ‘How it wprks’

What are GettaKayak Terms and Conditions?

The terms and Conditions of Getta Limited are under ‘Terms and Conditions’

How long will my GettaKayak listing last?

Each listing will last for a maximum period of 90 days (it is deleted automatically) – should you wish to renew for a further period you must re list with a new listing.

Can I edit my listing after I have confirmed?

You can only edit the listing before the first response is received – thereafter the listing cannot be amended. If you do wish to make an amendment you should retract your initial listing and create a new one.

As a seller – if I wish to amend my price or offer other terms – how do I do it?

You cannot edit the terms – you must create an entirely new response

What are the fees?

The GettaKayak costs are of simple structure and are competitive for all categories except those specifically identified (see below):

Buyer/Requester: Each listing will cost £1 including VAT

Seller/Responder: On confirmation of a transaction the seller pays GettaKayak selling fees as follows: 3.5% of final sale price up to a maximum fee payable of £100 (including VAT) with a minimum fee of £1 (including VAT).

Are the sellers obligated to provide the goods once they have made an offer?

Yes, the seller is obligated to provide the goods once they have made the offer – provided they have indicated the offer as unconditional and it is within the open period they have offered.

Once a buyer has accepted a seller offer – are they obligated to purchase the goods?

Yes, the buyer having accpetped the seller terms has entered into a contract with the seller.

What happens when a contract is confirmed?

‘How it works’ has detailed instructions. The basic principles behind a transaction are:

  • The buyer accepts the seller's terms
  • GettaKayak create a deal confirmation and contract
  • The seller will pay the GettaKayak selling fee (unless it is a special category) via PayPal
  • Simultaneously on payment of the GettaKayak fee – the buyer and seller details will be released in order they may meet the obligations they have undertaken in the contract.

What are the options open for payment of the goods?

As soon as the buyer and seller have their respective details the payment and delivery of the goods can be determined (they may have already been done so during the process). The payment options could be:

  • PayPal (there will be fees payable to PayPal).
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card using the Sellers credit card facility
  • Cash or any other payment terms the parties may agree to

GettaKayak encourage the use of PayPal for the protection they offer their customers (refer to for more details). GettaKayak are not involved in the settlement process.

What are the PayPal fees and where does PayPal fit into Getta process?

PayPal is not associated with Getta Limited in any form – Getta have a PayPal account for their own use only. Any user of GettaKayak who wishes to use PayPal as a method of payment will from the direct link to PayPal be on an entirely different site. You do not share any of your PayPal details with us. The PayPal fees can be obtained directly from the PayPal website.

Does GettaKayak differentiate between Private and Business customers?

GettaKayak does not differentiate between Private and Business Customers.

Is VAT included in prices quoted and can I get a VAT invoice?

VAT is always included in the GettaKayak listing and sales commission prices. A VAT invoice is obtainable on request.

Buyer: The buyer will pay on the listing 20% VAT (if applicable) which is included in the price – a vat invoice should be obtainable from the seller.

Seller The seller if VAT registered they should include VAT in their price.

What happens if a buyer and/or seller do not meet their obligations under the contract – can I get my selling commission back from Getta?

Two important points to note:

1. A contract is created between the buyer and seller at the firming up of the contract stage – this ensures full clarity on the contract and offers protection to both the buyer and seller

2. GettaKayak is a trading platform that operates to a standard of integrity and requires this from their customers (Buyers and Sellers).

In the event that it is proven that a Seller has been defrauded, GettaKayak will refund the selling commission to the seller and they reserve their right to seek compensation from the defaulting party. Getta are not party to the contract between the buyer and the seller and therefore have no obligations or responsibility in the trade – we are facilitators only.